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Artistic Figure and Boudoir Photography

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Welcome to Denver Boudoir Photography, by Denny Fenbers Photography.  I specialize in artistic figure and boudoir photography for the Denver, Colorado area.  My focus is on artistic, elegant, and timeless photographs with a sense of creativity.

I work with people interested in artistic figure photos as well as those that want sexy pictures or intimate photos in lingerie, posed in elegant styles with beautiful lighting. I offer studio sessions at two locations:  Denver and Aurora. I also offer on-location sessions throughout the Denver area.

I work with you to understand what is meaningful to you for your photo session.  People come to me for many reasons, whether it is purely for the desire for artistic work, it is something of great personal meaning to them as part of a celebration or personal recovery effort, or to create beautiful photographs as a gift for someone special.

Boudoir and figure photography is very popular as a wedding, anniversary, Christmas, and Valentine’s gift.  I offer gorgeous custom-designed albums, as well as wall portraits in a variety of mediums.

My studio has a variety of beautiful options for photo sessions, including wood floors, brick walls, gray and white walls, french doors and balcony, and a rooftop for outdoor scenery right at the studio!

I offer free consultation appointments.  This is a great opportunity to see lots of sample photographs, albums, and prints – far more than I share online.  It is a chance to discuss what you want out of a photo session and to plan details relevant should you decide to book a session.  When you come in to your session you know exactly what to expect, what to bring (wardrobe, accessories, etc.), and how to prepare.

I do not put any arbitrary limits on things like outfit changes.  We plan an amount of time for your session and we can use it for as much or as little wardrobe as you would like.  We don’t simply cycle through a set of poses for each outfit.  It is all customized.

You are art.  Photography is art.  When it comes to art, there is no such thing as “the best” or “the top” artist.  It is a matter of matching styles, skills, studio/location, results, and even personality to match your needs.

This website contains more information.  Contact me with questions or to schedule some time.  You will find galleries focusing on artistic nude figure photography, as well as boudoir photography.  We can mix styles in your session.  You will also find blog posts focusing on photos from individual sessions.  Privacy is a top priority.  I only share photos for which I have been given written permission.  I am grateful for those that have allowed me to share their art.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

– Denny Fenbers