Bridal Boudoir – The Perfect Wedding Gift

I’m happy to share another beautiful bridal boudoir session, or at least a small sample of the art we created.

Boudoir sessions are very popular as wedding gifts, with a photo album being the most popular requests from these sessions.  In this photo blog post, I’ll share examples from “Mrs. D’s” session. We worked together to create beautiful art in a variety of styles, from using wedding-themed lingerie and a veil, to artistic nude styles. As with all boudoir sessions, they make great gifts for others, and even better gifts to yourself!

bridal buodoir balcony

Mrs. D. brought her wedding lingerie and used this veil I have in the studio.  A wedding lingerie theme has obvious relevance when a session is done as a wedding gift, though it is also common to do a bridal boudoir session without using wedding-themed lingerie. This photo also features one of the favorite features of my Denver boudoir photography studio: the French balcony.

wedding lingerie photo Denver
boudoir portrait

Photo tip: Jewelry such as this necklace can add something extra to enhance your photos.  That expressions on her face adds even more.

soft light elegant Colorado boudoir pic

There is so much power in those eyes!

lingerie natural light boudoir

In the examples above, we are using the play of natural window light, combined with a nice one-piece lingerie set. 

back necklace silhouette

Of course, we don’t need any wardrobe to present the elegance of the human form.  I love that back necklace!

nude boudoir Denver

Above we have another example using the balcony – giving that outdoor feel while still in the studio.

artistic nude photo Denver

You can see throughout these photos the use of shadow with “slivers of light” to shape the body, give that more creative and artistic feel, and to emphasize shape where we want.

toned abdomen wedding gift photos
arched butt silhouette
arched butt on bed
black and white sexy wedding pics
elegant nude shadowy floor Denver

The style of photos you choose for your session is your choice.  While many want some of their photos to include artistic nude styles, others choose to stick to photos in lingerie. The photo consultation and planning appointment gives us the chance to talk through styles in detail and to review examples.

elegant nude wall color Denver Colorado

There are many more photos I’d love to share, though I’ll stop here.  Contact me for a consultation to see many more samples.  I have an extensive photo selection my clients have been kind enough to let me share as inspiration for future sessions.  Of course, your photos would always remain private to you unless you give me written permission to use them.