Here you will find a series of photographs from two sessions with Olga, featuring “Denver Nude Boudoir” photography – a combination of artistic nude and boudoir images.

I first met Olga in 2010 when photographing the Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheater, where she was performing.  We reconnected last year for her first session in my studio when she came in from Portland to Denver for a bit, and again for another session on a more recent trip.

Together, we created wonderful art in each of our sessions. I’m pleased to share some of it with you in this post.

This first photograph is one my customers frequently request to recreate in their own session.  Few people are as flexible as Olga, though the pose still works great regardless of flexibility levels.

Denver boudoir photography artistic nude

In these sessions you will see a few examples where we creatively used the sofa for posing.  Perhaps one day I’ll publish a photography book titled “101 Ways to Use a Sofa.”

In many of my photos, I emphasize shadows first, outlining Olga’s form in light.  This technique is common in my work, and often requested.  It is a great approach to keep a sense of mystery to another wise nude (or nearly nude) photo.

Black and White Nude Art
Artistic Nude Denver Kneeling

In this photo, we captured a casual nude boudoir look with a very natural feel.  Again, the shadows created by lighting Olga from the far side add a sense of mystery.

Casual Nude Naked Art Denver

Olga once again demonstrates her flexibility:

Backbend boudoir nude

Shadows help to shape the form, adding to that sultry and sexy artistic image:

Artistic Nude Denver Arched Back

Here’s a little implied nudity.  We all it implied because you can’t see anything that would need to be censored on public forums.

Crouched implied nude

Creative posing isn’t limited to the sofa.  Here we had some fun with a couple photos using a chair:

Sultry and Sexy Denver Photos
Creative Nude Photography

Back to the sofa, with a shot and perspective that elongates the body for a long-leg look:

Sofa Sexy Art Denver

Shadows emphasize form:

Sofa Sultry Sexy Denver Photos
Sexy Photos Nude Bed Denver


Film Noir Boudoir Denver
Implied Nude Denver Boudoir

Adding a little lingerie, and loving those boots:

Lingerie Boudoir Denver
Lingerie Studio Denver

Outdoor boudoir!  The beauty of my Denver studio is that we have a rooftop where we can capture photos with the Denver backdrop, mixing it in with studio shots in one session.  You will find a link to more rooftop photos from other sessions here: Denver Outdoor Boudoir.

Rooftop Lingerie Denver
Outdoor Lingerie Colorado
Sheer Top Outdoor Boudoir Denver

Albums!  Most of my customers like to have their photos presented in a custom-designed album.  Here’s a photo of a sample album you will see at my studio, featuring photos from Olga’s first session.

Contact me for a free consultation if you would like a “Denver Nude Boudoir” photo session, or any other creative boudoir look.

Classic Boudoir Photo Album Inside