Nude Boudoir Photography

Nude boudoir photography has been extremely popular.  Also referred to as artistic figure photography, the empahsis is on showing the pure artistic nature of the human form through creative posing and lighting.  Here,you will see a collection of photographs from Shelby’s session at my Denver studio, including indoor and outdoor photos (on the roof of the studio).

fine art nude boudoir Denver

These initial photos emphasize shadow over light, outlining the the shape of the human form. This approach is excellent for emphasizing curves and muscle tone.

artistic nude boudoir photography shadows
creative artistic nude bed

Photos on my French balcony are extremely popular.  We can do these quickly in the midst of a studio session, giving a blended feel between studio and outdoor nude boudoir.

Nude Boudoir Denver Balcony

Outdoor Nude Boudoir

Next we have a series of outdoor nude boudoir photos done conveniently on the roof of my Denver Studio.

While the photos above had more of an emphasis on artistic nude, the following photos change to a style to emphasize more of an outdoor boudoir sexiness.

outdoor boudoir nude roof sitting
Naked Boudoir Denver Rooftop
Boudoir Nude Colorado Casual
Colorado Nude Boudoir Outside Roof

Lingerie Too

Although much of the session emphasized artistic nude boudoir, we also did a series of photos in lingerie.

boudoir portrait denver
intimate lingerie outdoor
elegant boudoir lingerie roof

It was wonderful working with Shelby on this set of boudoir photos at my Denver Studio. Click here to see my post with Shelby’s session at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs Boudoir at Garden of the Gods

Always remember:  You are art.  Beautiful. Powerful. Strong. Let me show you.