Denver Outdoor Boudoir – A Collection of Photographs

I love having a rooftop over my studio where we can do convenient outdoor boudoir sessions! Many of my customers choose to do a studio session and, while we are at it, head up to the roof for a few of these.  Of course, we can do outdoor sessions at other beautiful locations Colorado offers, though this post is dedicated to those at my studio.

Here you will find some images across many photo sessions, covering styles from boudoir in lingerie to artistic nude, with some implied nude too.


This first photograph is from a very recent session with Kirstie. You will see more of her photos on a future blog post. This is among my favorite photos of all time, combining the elements of landscape, cityscape, and bodyscape photography.

Colorady cityscape nude boudoir blog


Olga has worked with me on a couple sessions, the latest of which included some outdoor boudoir work. I’ll only show a few here as we’ll have another blog post coming up which will feature many of her photos.

Here you can see some photos in a few different lingerie sets and some amazing heels.  We shot against the Denver skyline and a nearby building to give a very elegant city vibe.

Heels Style Lingerie Outdoor Boudoir
Daytime Outside Boudoir Colorado
Sheer Top Outside Boudoir Denver

I’ll share a few of Shelby’s photos that included an outdoor theme.  First we have a photo that was shot on the balcony of my studio.  Shots like this are among the most requested from those that like the outdoor feel but just want something quick while we are doing a studio session.

Next are a couple rooftop shots that use the railing as leading lines.  These intentionally have a cool-toned feel to them, for your artistic interpretation.

French Balcony Nude Boudoir Denver
Sexy Photos Denver Roof Nude Outside
Outdoor Linerie Photos Denver

Here’s where it all started!  Suzie was the first person I photographed on the roof of my studio for an outdoor boudoir session.  I love the super elegant and “fashion-boudoir” look of her session.  The last photograph in this sequence gives off the “Old Holywood Portrait” vibe though in an outdoor context.


Fashion Boudoir Denver Roof
Elegant outdoor boudoir Denver
Rootop fashion boudoir
Old School Aristic Style Outside

We have so much variety available to us when it comes to the natural lighting in Colorado.  Mariah’s session was done in late afternoon when we started to get the gold tone of the Sun.  I love the look of these and the great light of the backdrop, including the blue sky with puffs of clouds!

Elegant Lingerie Outdoor Colorado
Denver Outdoor Boudoir Lingerie Color
Posing Style Colorado Skyline


Zhonnae’ session was done the same day, just after Mairah’s.  Now the sun was setting and we started to get the brilliant gold.  This is my favorite time of day for outdoor boudoir.

You can see more of Zhonnae’s session including a behind the scenes video here:  BTS Rooftop with Zhonnae

Bodysuit Boudoir Denver Mountains
Sunset Boudoir Denver Outdoors
Rooftop Photos - Zhonae

Here’s a few of Heather’s photos, including another shot from the studio balcony and some from the roof.  We again had brilliant colors to use.

Artistic Nude Outdoor Beautiful Color
Nude stretch on Denver balcony
Lingerie Boudoir Denver Roof

This is one shot from a wonderful “anonymous” customer showing an implied nude photograph against a wood wall on the roof.

Implied Nude Wood Outside

I shot quite a bit with Sienna both in studio and on the roof.  You can find more from her session here:  Sienna’s Artistic Nude and Denver Boudoir Photography

Below we have examples against the wood wall with the Denver backdrop, a beautiful, soft boudoir image on the balcony, and additional photos outside on the roof.

Implied Nude Rooftop Boudoir
Elegant Partial Nude Colorado Balcony
Soft Outodoor Boudoir
Outdoor Boudoir Topless Elegance

Interested in outdoor boudoir photos?  Contact me and we’ll get you scheduled or do a consultation! Interested in an outdoor session at another location?  We can do that.  You can pick the location or we can work to together on that.  Here are a couple locations I enjoy shooting:

South Valley Park

Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs