Retouching is included at no additional charge for all orders.  High-end retouching techniques are used to enhance photos while keeping the image looking real and amazing.  My view of retouching is that it allows the photo to reflect how people really see you.  People don’t usually notice the “flaws” we all have, but when you are captured in a photo it is all too easy to dwell on the smallest things.  A retouched photo better reflects the way you are perceived in everyday life.

Retouching is customized based on what you want.  Here you can see an example of the most common type of retouching.

The image on top is the initial image as shot, and the image below is after it has been retouched.  For your photo session, please let me know if there are any particular requests regarding retouching or if you would like me to retouch as I feel appropriate for the best image.

Examples of items addressed by retouching:

  • Reduce or remove wrinkles
  • Reduce or remove unwanted bulges
  • Slimming or expanding body parts
  • Brighten eyes and teeth
  • Fix smaller wardrobe issues (such as a twisted bra strap in the example here)
  • Overall photo enhancements including color adjustments, clean-up of distracting background elements, etc.

The vast majority of retouching requests are included at no additional cost, but there may be extreme examples that would incur additional costs based on the time needed to address the request.

20130313  before and after retouching 800