I’m happy to share this artistic nude fitness and figure photography set, featuring Rachel Ann Hessler.  Rachel has given full permission to share her photos and name, though my standard practice for my typical customers is to keep their names private and of course to only use photos with written permission.

Rachel is a fitness expert and competitor.  The photos below are from a relatively quick photo session we did all in a consistent theme using box props. Rachel brought her expertise in posing to this set where we used the delicate play of light and shadows to present the beautiful human form in creative poses.

This first image is among my favorites, with Rachel in a pose of pure elegance. I feel like I could say the same thing about every image we made.  I’ll keep the text in this post to a minimum and we’ll speak through images.

Artistic Nude back Denver boudoir photographer sexy photos

Artistic Nude Figure Photos Denver Colorado

Sexy elegant nude figure and fitness Denver Colorado boudoir

Elegant black and white nude figure on box

This next photo is very inspirational to me, showing a fitness level that is achievable with dedication and hard work:

Fitness Figure Photography Denver Colorado

Nude yoga pose on box - Denver Colorado boudoir

Visually, I’m a fan of photos that alternate between shadow and light repeatedly.

Artistic nude bodyscape shadow Denver

Figure Photography Denver Colorado Fitness Nude

Bodyscape from the side Denver Colorado Boudoir

Nude bodyscape Colorado Photography

Naked on box sitting Colorado boudoir

Rachel’s friendly and professional attitude helped us have a very productive session!  Thanks, Rachel!

Contact me if you would like to do a nude fitness photography set, or create any style of figure/boudoir art.